Dedicated Debt Collection for the Veterinary Industry

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A big problem to solve

Only a small percentage of finance managers look for a big problem to

Here at DSL we believe the sundry debt mountain is a big problem worth solving.

Only a small percentage of business owners create a storey worth telling. Reducing the Sundry Debt Mountain is a story worth telling.

The team at DSL are committed to go the extra mile to ensure every
penny that can be collected, is collected.

Here’s how we do it.

The management team strive to out-care our competitors.
We are committed to customer service and the happiness of our

The team at DSL are willing to visibly stand out from our competitors.

Debt negotiators look for opportunities to inspire and encourage others to help them achieve success.

Support services listen to our customers and build experience around what they hear.

Persistence when it comes to keeping our promises

Set the bar exceptionally high, on the quality of our work.

Have a passion to help our customers succeed.
If you would like further information:
Contact Mike Brooks or Martin Jackson:
Telephone 01527 543672

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