Dedicated Debt Collection for the Veterinary Industry

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A new dedicated field of Debt Collection

Throughout my career I have been involved in Council Tax and Business Rate collection and most local authority contracts are awarded via a tender process. Historically bailiff companies were only interested in debt that could be enforced using the power of a liability order and many contracts included large volumes of sundry debt that no one really wanted.

Why is that?

Sundry debt has a lower income stream when compared to a liability order enforced by a bailiff, there can be an income differential as high as 300 or 400% per successful case, as a result sundry debt has rarely received the attention it deserves.

Here at DSL we have created a dedicated sundry debt unit that lives and breathes sundry debt.

The team consists of experienced commercial debt collection experts with many years local authority collection experience along with seasoned researchers and tracing professionals.

How will DSL become the GO TO agency for sundry debt collection?

    • The team is passionate about debt.
    • We treat every debt as if it were our own money.
    • Entirely focused on sundry debt.
    • Commercial sundry debt can be difficult to collect, as time passes companies move address, merge with other businesses, change names, personnel move department or leave the company, or the business may have closed for a variety of reasons.
    • The team at DSL spend a lot of time researching every business before the collection process begins, particularly those that have disappeared from the last known address. Accurate information is so vital to a debt collector, we work hard to ascertain the current whereabouts and or legal status of businesses that have unpaid invoices.
  • For example, worst case scenario, the business has ceased to trade, been wound up, or disappeared completely. The debt can be written off with confidence as there’s nothing else that can be done.

How do DSL deal with companies that have merged, changed their trading style or moved from the last known address?

    • Good quality investigators are so important when tracking down the current whereabouts and legal status of a debtor company.
    • Once company details are confirmed it’s over to the negotiation team who will make contact with the company and track down the correct department and best person that may be able to help.
    • This part of the process is critical to a successful outcome as many unpaid invoices are between 1 and 6 years old when they reach DSL.
    • In general terms companies archive book keeping records after current year end, therefore investigators must ask for help; generally employees do not want to search archived records to confirm whether an invoice has been paid.
    • Negotiators are trained to take the middle ground and work with individuals to resolve the matter as professionally as possible and obtain a successful outcome.
  • Most credit control departments need time to carry out their search, as a result negotiators may liaise with departments or individuals over weeks and months to obtain the information that will lead to a positive outcome.  

Positive Outcome

    • Paid in full
  • Already paid but not identified (suspense account)

Valuable Information, write off with confidence

    • Gone away, no trace – liquidated or dissolved
  • Written off following investigation [Not Liable]

Here at DSL we treat our clients’ money as if it were our own and are passionate about making a difference.

We work hard to persistently create value for our customers and offer support when required.

Why not get in touch and find out how the DSL premium sundry debt service can help you reach financial targets.   

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