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Our relationships mean the world to us and we form long term partnerships with our clients.

See below what a small collection of them have to say about us.

(DSLUK) Helped me set up a payment plan from the debt I was confused about, payment set up a couple of weeks ago, first payment went out today as agreed.

Excellent customer service and thank you to the operator who helped to explain why the debt was there a month or so ago so I could work out where I had gone wrong… spoke to two people over the course of a couple of months and not once did I have a problem with customer service, I think all angry reviews on here are from people who just don’t want to pay their debts!!!

Natalie Blundell

My first dealings with DSL must be some 8-10 years ago now when I held the position of Group Practice Manager within a fairly large group of both small animal and equine practices.

We had 7 sites, with 9 veterinary businesses operating from these sites (2 were dual role veterinary businesses) DSL undertook our debt ledger and it soon became apparent they had something to offer that we had not experienced before, Excellent customer skills and the ability to communicate with us on a case by case basis anytime of the day and a vast knowledge of how the veterinary industry works. Team DSL are known in the industry as the go to agency.  They are so passionate about the debt and going that extra mile to ensure payment or a suitable plan. This is something that has over the years  been demonstrated to anyone joining DSL, over and over again. I have recommended them to many practices over the years and in my new capacity of Veterinary Business Consultant continue to do so.   I have spent over 26 years in the Veterinary Profession and have been fortunate enough to have been VPMA (now VMG) president and Practice Manager of the Year in 2008 and have gained a wealth of experience of the years.  A good deal of my time in practice has been spent chasing debt and the day that I was introduced to the DSL services was a huge relief and support to me.  One of the things that I have really appreciated is setting up a day/days of visits in our area, knocking on doors, but more importantly gathering information in the locality that has been so helpful in deciding whether the debt is worth pursuing or not and saving valuable time.  

DSL are not your usual type of DCA they pride themselves in striving to achieve above and beyond expectations, if you are looking for a firm who will send letters and make a few calls  before returning not collected, then they are not the firm for you. 

DSL work tirelessly calling/texting sending letters and even go and knock doors in order to negotiate and work with each individual in order to secure payment or arrangements. Basically, they are a one stop shop who have always provided outstanding services and will continue to do so for so many veterinary practices during these  challenging times, I would have no hesitation in recommending DSL as a company and their services.

Rita Dingwall Consulting

In 2006 I was introduced to Linda& Mile and Debt Solve through a friend as I was at my wits end with several other debt recovery companies that had used.

Our debt at the practice was out of control and I felt like many of the companies tried, promised the earth, delivered very little and charged me a lot of money, which was having a huge knock-on effect to our P&L.

After speaking with Debt Solve we agreed to move a selection of debtors – old and new – to them as a trial. I was amazed that within only a few weeks they had recovered far more than our previous company had in months.

DSL are always on hand – I can always pick up the phone to Linda, Mike or one of the team and have a chat about anything that I might be concerned about.

I can honestly say that DSL have been an integral part of the team at Clent Hills, I wouldn’t move my debt recovery anywhere else.

Clent Hills Veterinary Group

Please pass on my gratitude to Stacey who until furloughed had been my primary contact since this debt arrived with DSL.

Stacey was extremely gracious during some very difficult times and financial hardship whilst clearing this debt. She was a great asset to your team.

I am very relieved that the matter is now resolved.

Stacey Langford

I’m pleased to have been associated with DSL for many years now and still find them today as efficient and helpful as they were the first time I spoke to Linda and Mike Brooks around ten years ago.

They offer a far better, more personal service than any other debt recovery company I have used in the past. You can be assured that they treat any debt you pass them as if it were their own and they will always go that extra mile to help you out. They have persevered with some very difficult customers I have given them over the years and they have still come through with full payment. A five star service from a very helpful, friendly and efficient five star team.”

Mr Craig Patterson – MCICM. Group Credit & Debt Recovery Manager, De Vere Ltd

A customer of many years stopped making payments, many promises were made and just as many broken.

A lawyer was not an option as I was not prepared to ‘put them into funds’ without some sort of guarantee.

I decided to look for a UK-based debt collector; I based my selection on the speed and type of response I received. The prompt response and sincerity of Debt Solve incited my decision to work with them. Mike explained the various options open to me and the probable response we might get from my customer. I did have to take a back seat, not easy when you are used to being the driving force in your company,

I let Debt Solve take over and Mike and my customer agreed on how and when the payment would be made, Debt Solve made them stick to their promise and I was kept well informed along the way.

Bottom line, Debt Solve is highly professional and through perseverance they obtain results; my company was paid what was due in a relatively short time.

Well done Mike and Linda, thank you very much.

Norbert Streep